About Nepal


Nepal is a landlocked country located in between India and China. The country is also known as Himalaya because it has eight mountains that are more than eight thousands meter high including Mount Everest among fourteen in the world. Nepal is also the birthplace of Lord Buddha; the founder of Buddhism. The country is famous worldwide not only because of the Mt. Everest and the birthplace of Lord Buddha but also for its’ amazing nature, peace loving people and their culture, tradition, rituals and festivals, arts and architecture.

Nepal is a politically stable country now: It has been regarded as a sacred place for hundreds of years. Local people practice Hinduism and Buddhism here.
The Everest Base Camp trekking, Annapurna Circuit trekking and Langtang Valley trekking are very popular routes for major adventure seekers. Also, there are leisurely safaris to join, villages to explore, historic sites to see and resorts to relax.
It is believed that there are as many temples as houses and as many Gods as people in Nepal. There are more festivals than total days in the year here.

Nepal is the land of more than 125 ethnic groups and more than 123 languages are spoken inside the country. It is also the land of 10 World Heritage Sites and 7 within an area of 20 kilometers as well as 20% of the land is protected as national parks. It is also the land of living goddess Kumari, the Gurkhas and Sherpas.

Nepal has always remained a safe country for foreigners. It is a developing country. However, it is not a cheaper country. The prices for daily goods are almost same as in the western countries; even higher in the mountain areas. Tourists need to pay higher amount for activities possible in Nepal than the local people.

Guests are welcomed as a god here. However, you need to take care of your items good while you are traveling. Also, new rules and regulation are coming for tourists as well. You need to get permission for many activities possible in Nepal from the Governmental agencies.
The private and governmental services are not as quick as in the western countries. I request you to prepare for your activities well in advance.
Pollution is one of the biggest problems of Nepal that’s why we request you to help us to reduce it in the cities as well as in the mountains. We apply reduce, reuse, recycle and repeat process while you are travelling in Nepal.
We also request you to follow our customs while you are in Nepal. Since, it is home to more than 300 mountains, there is a lot of opportunities for tourists to explore, trek, hike or climb mountains here.
We offer you a chance to truly experience Nepali culture through the eyes of locals.
Welcome to Nepal to explore our nature, culture and adventure.