We are a part of this society. One of the objectives of this company is to give back to the society where we come from. We donate 5% of our net profit to Harimai foundation each year. This organization run projects such as women’s skills development projects, student scholarship projects, medical health camp projects, social awareness projects and so on throughout a year. We want you to help us to fulfill our objectives. You can sponsor a child to go to school through student scholarship project. You can volunteer in these projects via this foundation.
By just visiting beautiful Nepal, you are also helping this country to overcome from the damage of the massive earthquake of 2015. Reconstruction of public and private properties that were damaged are still going on in Nepal.
Nepal is a developing country and pollution is one of the major problems of the country. We apply reduce, reuse, recycle and repeat process during your trip to Nepal. We are a sustainable tourism company. We hire necessary employees locally and give necessary trainings to them.
We also welcome international students to engage in various activities to learn our country, its people and our culture.