Message From CEO

I thank you for your interest into my company. I offer Nepal holiday packages to foreigners. I started this business at Kathmandu on 01st January 2020 on the occasion of Visit Nepal 2020 campaign announced by the Nepalese Government.
After completing my higher studies in Nepal, I worked in a travel agency for 5 years as an Assistant Sales Manager. My main responsibility was to provide information about the activities possible in Nepal to our western visitors.
I went to Europe to study International Business & Management Studies at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences located in Amsterdam; the capital city of the Netherlands. I completed this course in 4 years and received a bachelor’s degree in 2011. I studied 6 months at the University of Manitoba located in Winnipeg, Canada as an exchange student. This was a part of the study program I was following in Amsterdam.
I worked in few companies located in the Netherlands after completing my bachelor’s degree and returned back to Nepal in 2018 to open this business to show my beautiful country to international visitors. During my stay in the Netherlands, I travelled many countries located in North America, Europe and Asia. My study, work and travel experiences made me a better candidate to serve my clients. I can communicate with my clients in English, Dutch and Spanish languages. I understand the needs and wants of my clients.
After returning back to Nepal, I completed Yoga Teacher Training, Tourist Guide (city guide) Training and Trekking Guide Training and became a certified yoga teacher, a certified city guide and a certified trekking guide of Nepal respectively.
You will be treated as a family member during your time in Nepal. We want to send a message of peace, love, harmony and respect to the entire world by working together in a very professional way.
Each year I offer few Nepal holidays packages. I will be personally together with you as a guide during the packages. I am confident that you will trust me and give me a chance to show you my country. I am also ready to be your guide if you already have an itinerary. I am also looking for a business to business relationship with your company. I will be fully honest with you before, during and after your trip to Nepal. Living with local people is the best way to learn about us and our customs.
Your privacy will be kept. I will ask your personal details including your travel insurance during the reservation.
You are representing your country while you are traveling that’s why we request you to leave positive image of you and your country to us.
Welcome to Nepal to explore our nature, culture and adventure.
I am looking forward to shake hands with you.
Yours’ Faithfully,
Prakash Timalsina
Managing Director