What we do

We offer holiday packages for tourists to experience natural as well as cultural, spiritual, historical beauties of Nepal. These packages are involved with different activities available in Nepal. You can also design your own package based on your needs and wants mixing different activities mentioned in this website.
More we go up in the Himalayas less choices of food and accommodation. WIFI and hot shower are available in the most of the places we stay
It is impossible to visit Nepal without noticing the warm hospitality offered by the locals. Our holiday packages provide you the opportunities to interact with local people and learn their their lifestyles.
You will get a 10% discount if you bring one more person together with you for the same trip after purchasing for yourself. You can travel to Nepal for free if you bring more than 10 people.
You can plan your trip to Nepal anytime of the year. Here is always something to do according to your interests. We practice basic yoga and meditation together during the packages.
You experience our amazing hospitality and culture that refreshes your body, mind and soul. We recommend you to combine your trip with social activities because many projects are running here. We will be helping by visiting Nepal to overcome from its massive earthquake of April 2015. Reconstruction of public & private properties have not yet completed that were damaged by the earthquake. We provide 5% of our net profit to Harimai Foundation each year as our corporate social responsibility. You can volunteer here in many fields via this foundation. This organization organizes many social activities throughout the year here.
We take very good care of you upon arrival until returning back. Be our guest. Explore our nature, culture and adventure and at the same time help our mission to empower Nepalese economy and people’s lives through tourism.
Our holiday package are mixed with many natural, cultural and adventurous activities. You meet local people during your trip and experience their welcoming hospitality as well. A word “Namaste” is used to greet people everywhere in Nepal and it becomes a never forgetting word for tourists.
Nepal has so many cultural festivals happening throughout the year. Our packages are designed to show you the attractive festivals such as Maha Shivaratri (the night of Lord Shiva), Holi also known as the festival of colors), Dashain (the biggest festival of Nepal) and Tihar (festival of lights).
We are also looking for a long term business to business relationship with you.