Who we are

We are a group of local experts in tourism sector of Nepal. We take very good care of you from the time we pick you up until returning back from your Nepal trip.

Our team members are well trained to provide professional services. They are certified by the Government of Nepal and insured. We always hire employees locally and provide them necessary trainings to improve their skills and abilities.

We recommend you to travel in a group in Nepal for your safety because it is a Himalayan country.
This is a sustainable tourism company. We apply reduce, reuse, recycle and repeat process. We offer environment friendly holiday packages. We want you to make a positive impact on our environment, society and economy. We request you to help us to minimize pollution here. We use small-scale lodging, local transportation, supporting locally-owned businesses, and incorporating community-based ecotourism projects during your trip.

We offer our services with love, respect, care and togetherness. We want to send a message of peace, love, harmony and respect to the entire world by working together in a very professional way.

Our primary objective is to make your Nepal trip a great and truly breathtaking experience.

Nepal is becoming a famous destination for LGBTI group. We can organize a wedding ceremony between two people.
Our focus is on the ethical values of sustainable tourism, women’s empowerment, and community development.
We are proud to share our wonderful country, culture and our many years of experience adventuring across Nepal with you.