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Having had the fortune of being born around the foothills of Mt. Makalu, Mr. Ri Temba Sherpa has had the privilege of being an audience to the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas since the time he whimpered his first cries. The brain-child of Mr. Sherpa, Everest Extreme Adventure Pvt. Ltd. draws its inspiration from those very glistening giants that have fueled the fire of intrigue and thrill in the thoughts of travelers all around the world. The company aims to provide a platform for travel-fanatics to enjoy the mountains and their unprecedented magnificence like never before.

Born and raised in Sankhuwasabha in the Makalu vicinity, Mr. Sherpa and his siblings were significantly driven to deliver the sublime nature of the Mt. Makalu, which, later, made a more significant transition to acquaint the Himalayas in Nepal to the world. With such high aspiration came the necessity of leaping, a leap that would, today, be known as Everest Extreme Adventure. With unwavering dedication and omnipresent drive to aim for the best, the company has been able to garner great experiences to the individuals willing to explore Nepal, in the most pristine of approaches possible. Manifesting sheer magnitude of expertise and competency during his career as a guide, and later a mountaineering activist of sorts, Mr. Sherpa has been able to recognize the best of people sharing his dreams and matching his hard work. Today, a national tourism giant and a household name to some extent, Everest Extreme Adventure oversees the vast number of tourists aiming to explore the country and has been successful in its endeavors to exceed their expectations. Our personalized touch, along with the highest order of professionalism, allows us to perform well, thus seeing a massive returning faces requesting our services.

A fundamentally sound company in terms of work ethics, we also have our sights on improving the condition of remote communities, women, and children in Nepal. Never fazed by any obstacles, Everest Extreme Adventure continues to thrive and prevail among the ones who desire to visit Nepal.

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